Burp Cloths Simplicity 2924

I have made burp cloths or spew cloths as I call them before but I never followed a pattern I just cut rectangles and stitched the together. This time I decided to use a commercial pattern and make ones which are curved for around the shoulder. The pattern I used was Simplicity 2924 which has various baby items. To be honest to me the pattern looked a little small so I did add about 1/2 inch all the way around the pattern as I was cutting them out so these are a little bit larger. I don’t go near spewing children but I figured you would like as much coverage as you can 🙂 The finished size is 54cm long and 20cm wide in the narrow centre and 26cm in the wider curves.

I did buy the top layer fabric for these. I had already packed all my fabrics when I found out about bub. The towelling did come from my stash. I found towels we had never used and were smaller than we normally use so I cut them up for this project. I used 2 towels and made a total of 8 burp cloths. Bub is a girl but I’m not worried about the colours. I did use pink thread to top stitch around them.

These were any easy sewing project. I like making practical gifts.



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