Toiletry Bag V2

A few years ago I made myself a toiletry bag and I decided to make another one as a gift for my niece. Once again I used my TNT zipper pouch pattern which is the box corner version of the Essentials Wristlet by Dog Under My Desk which I enlarged to 150%

If you ware wanting a decent size toiletry bag that you can fit a couple of bottles in this size is great. When I go away for weekends I collect all the mini bottles that hotels have in the bathrooms for my charity bags. They all get stashed in my toiletry bag so I can tell you it holds a lot. The fabric used for both interior and exterior is the ripstop nylon I have in my stash. I have used it on a few projects so I’m slowly starting to run out of it. I did have to buy the zipper but I brought it from my local small material shop so I did support local.

Sewing Bingo 2020

I was able to Print off my sewing bingo card with this project. I’m hoping my niece can use this for many years. I wanted a gift which was a bit mature for Miss 12 but not too adult so I think this funky print fits. My niece is a practical person who likes storage so this gift is perfect for her.



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