Sewing Bingo 2020

Around the end of December early January a lot of crafters on Instagram share the 9 projects they wish to make the following year and call it a Make 9. It is a personal challenge they set themselves. Although I like the idea of it I have never done it as it would cause me too pressure to commit to it. I also have a habit of changing my mind all the time too as my mood changes or I see different patterns. I don’t want to lock in 9 projects and feel obligated to make them for a self imposed challenge.

I came across a challenge PatsyPoo Makes has set of Sewing Bingo 2020. Instead of doing 9 set projects there are 9 themes and as your sewing through the year you decide which theme your project fits into and mark it off your list. The 9 themes are

  • Pattern From Stash
  • More Involved
  • Print
  • A First
  • Fabric From Stash
  • Quick And Easy
  • Solid
  • A repeat
  • Long Time Coming

I really like this spin on the Make 9 challenge. You don’t have to commit to 9 projects at the start, you just decide on things as you go. I am going to take part this year in this fun challenge. My 9 items won’t all be clothing, some will be gifts others charity items. I’m going to relax and have fun with my sewing this year. Tick things off my “bingo card” as I make them. I have a few ideas of which theme boxes I can tick off with different gifts I am making but I might change my mind and find something which could tick off that theme instead.

2020 is going to be the year I relax and enjoy my sewing


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