Tough Decision

After years of making all the gifts that I give to so many kids who I dearly love this year I have made the tough decision to cut back. It wasn’t an easy decision to make and there was a lot of guilt behind it but the reality is I just can’t do it anymore. Last year I made birthday gifts for 15 kids plus my best friend and Christmas gifts for 12 kids and best friend. This year I can’t sustain that amount now. I love making all the gifts but I just don’t unfortunately have the time now.

I’m going to miss being an elf making every gift but to be honest my gift making has started to stress me out this year. I always thought if it stopped becoming fun then I would stop doing it and I have now reached that point. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. Most of the kids are now getting to an age where they have outgrown a simple soft toy. There are only so many times you can make the same kind of gift for the same child each time.

I will be honest the cost factor has come into things as well. Home made gifts are not cheaper to make. Sadly by the time you purchase supplies then actually make them it all adds up. I know you can’t put a price on precious unique home made gifts but the reality costs do come in to play and also the time it takes to make things. Over the last 12 months I have found myself leaving things to the last minute and instead of looking through my stash properly for supplies to see what kind of gift I could make I have had to purchase fabric and supplies last minute as I would change my mind at the last minute as to what I was making and of course wouldn’t have the supplies on hand.

I found with trying to get all my gift making done my charity sewing has dropped off. Charity sewing is very important to me as it is my way to give back to the community. I’m the kind of person who would rather donate my skills to a charity over a monetary donation. Only in the last couple of weeks I have had time to sew for charity this year. Even my charity knitting has decreased. I want to spend more time doing that.

This may sound selfish but my sewing style has changed too. I’m enjoying making clothing for myself now. I am having more fun doing that than making toys. I have never really been into cloths until the last few years. Now I’m actually taking notice in what I wear and I like making my own unique clothing. Me made clothing helps me during the day at work as it brings down my stress levels if I sit and pat the clothing made by me. My clothing making is more than just making the item it has reoccurring benefits to me.


I have now cut my gifts back down to direct family, my personal trainer’s daughter who is still little and I can make simple things for and my best friend. I’m hoping that by taking this stress off my shoulders that I will start to enjoy my gift making again. I don’t want gift making to be a chore or an obligation. I want it to be creative and fun like how it was when I first started doing it back in 2011.


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