Spring Frocktails 2019

Last Saturday was Spring Frocktails. Mr StitchNSew and I decided to make a weekend of it and stay in the city for a couple of nights. Even though I was tired after work on the Friday it was actually a lot of fun.

This year on the Friday night we had a special Frocktails VIP night at The Fabric Store. I left Mr StitchNSew at the hotel and went along. It was nice to sip a glass of bubbly whilst you were surrounded by fabric! The night was open to anyone in the Sydney Spoolettes regardless if they were going to Frocktails or not so it was nice to meet some new people, catch up with old friends and touch fabric.

On the night we got a 20% discount on full priced however The Fabric Store was a having a big spring clearance on all their knit fabric at $6/m Now I know I’m on a fabric buying ban but my exceptions were if we got a discount related to Frocktails. I’m calling a $6 sale at our VIP night Frocktails related. I was conscious though of what I actually brought. On the night I purchased up 2m of black crushed velvet to make a wrap. I don’t have a black wrap in my stash. Thinking about it later I thought I would also have enough to make a skirt but more on that later… I also purchased 3m of a grey jersey cotton. I don’t have grey in my stash. A grey top is missing from my wardrobe.

I haven’t posted it yet but I have made my poncho with the fabric I got using my The Fabric Store voucher I had won. I actually finished it in time for the shopping night. I couldn’t help but pose with a role of the fabric. Yes I am a total dork 🙂

I found more of the black french terry fabric I purchased on my voucher shopping trip with a discount voucher I had. In the store I remembered thinking after I brought it I was tempted to go back and buy more but I couldn’t recall what project I had in mind for it so I didn’t get any of it. I didn’t want to just buy extra for my stash as that is what I am trying to avoid. At midnight I was lying in bed still thinking about that fabric which was now part of the $6 fabrics. It then occurred to me it would make a great poncho. The next day I once again left Mr StitchNSew at the hotel and made another quick trip to buy the rest that was on the roll which was 2.9m This piece is actually more than I originally brought so I will use this for my jacket and use the shorter piece for the poncho.

Before I left for Frocktails my personal photographer aka Mr StitchNSew took some photos of my outfit which was my velvet york pinafore and black dolman top and the knitted shawl which I wore to February Frocktails. It turned out to be a chilly night but because the pinafore is a thicker velvet and the top polyester I wasn’t cold at all. In fact when I was coming home I just tied the shawl around my handbag as I didn’t need it.

My accessories were my knitted handbag, a necklace made from and old scrabble tile I brought in Fremantle Western Australia when I was last there years ago and knitted bangles which are something I made to go with this outfit and haven’t posted about yet.

I have anxiety issues, being in a room with so many people can be daunting to me at times. Most Frocktails I have been a little quiet and left early. This time I was actually very chatty and I barely sat down all night which is quite an achievement with the hip issues I have (the mixture of prescription painkillers and alcohol may of helped) I have OCD in particular relating to food so for me eating before I went and not eating there also helped reduce my anxiety levels too. It was nice to chat to different friends I’ve made through the Sydney Spoolettes but also chat with new people. Frocktails is such a great event because you all have something in common the love of sewing and fabric so it is easy to make conversation. The time just seemed to fly and before I knew it a lot of people had left and it was nearly time for it to end.

Photo Courtesy of Sydney Frocktails on Instagram

Frocktails is organised by Caz (Useful Box) she does a wonderful job creating the event. Once again her lovely husband My Useful Box took professional photos for us. It is really nice that he gives up his time for the night to take the photos. It is something special to Sydney Frocktails. You can see more photos from the night on Instagram here.

We were lucky enough to get a goodie bag!! I love it when adult get good bags as you leave a party. We were given a heap of discount codes by different fabric shops including The Fabric Store, discount codes for indi pattern designers including Helen’s Closet who designed the York Pinafore. We got another fabric panel from Next State, lace from Pitt Trading. Thank you to all the sponsors who gave us treats.

The next Frocktails has been announced for April 4th 2020. I will be going along. I actually planned out my outfit before I went to sleep after Frocktails. Using the black crushed velvet from the VIP night I’m planning on a skirt and a wrap. I’m also thinking I will make the silk dolman top. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear a silk top so I think Frocktails is the perfect event.


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