Self Imposed Buying Ban

I have put myself on a self imposed buying ban from buying fabric and yarn. The reason is simple I have so much yarn and fabric in my stash at the moment that I am running out of space for anything new. I have lost control of my stashes and to be honest I don’t even know what I even have anymore. It is time to stop buying more and start using more of what I have.

Yarn Stash

My yarn is currently stored in 4 places in my craft wardrobe, my regular wardrobe, a tub in my craft storage room and under my bed. Well I say stored some it is just dumped on top or shoved in a bag. Some of it is grouped together in a drawer unit into WIRES yarn which is 100% wool, cottons and other yarns but I don’t know the amounts I have in there anymore. As for the bags and tubs it is a mix of cottons, acrylics, half finished projects, soon to be projects, leftover yarn.

Some bags I don’t fully know what is in them. I can’t really remember where I put all the yarn I brought when I went down to Melbourne earlier this year. I think I have put them in a tub but I’m not sure. My yarn stash is a mess. I need to go through it all and actually see what I have. My wearable yarn tastes have changed so I want sort things out to yarn I will wear, what yarn I can use in gifts and take stock overall of what I have. There is no point in buying more yarn when I have perfectly good usable yarn on hand already.

Fabric Stash

My fabric stash is a little bigger. I’m just talking about the fabric I have upstairs which is mostly dressmaking fabrics (wovens, knits) and fleece scraps. I again have it store in tubs and in shelving units or on top. I do kind of have a vague organisation system of it grouped into categories such as knits, wovens, WIRES but the system has gotten out of control as I have added to it and just started shoving stuff in.

I have usable (from memory) scraps in the stash but I can’t see them and I don’t know how big each fabric is. Some fabric I’m holding on to even though I know in reality I am not going to use it due fabric tastes changing. I have lost track of what fabrics I have and what I don’t. Some fabrics I have projects in mind for, others I could use in projects if I only I knew they were there.

I haven’t shown my full stash of yarn and fabrics these are just a few pictures but as you can see I am not short of fabric or yarn. It is time to do a stocktake of it all. I need to need to know what is in my stash so that I can use it. It is something I have been thinking of doing for a while as I found myself trying to stuff fabric and yarn into empty places. Last Saturday I did find something in my fabric stash that I didn’t want which was a big silverfish!! No! No! No!

Beth (Sew DIY) is hosting a virtual “I love my fabric party” this weekend and it has come at the perfect time! You can read the details about her party but basically it is a chance for you to show your fabric some love by going through stash whilst joining in with others on Instagram at the same time using the #Ilovemyfabricparty for the weekend. It is up to you what you do during the party. You might organise it better, find ways to keep track of your stash. I’m going to use the party to see what I actually have in my stash. I might try to pair up fabrics with patterns, measure the quantities of different pieces, destash fabrics I no longer will wear or want. Get back in touch with my fabric. My sewjo has returned so I am itching to dive back into my stash.

I don’t have a time limit on how long my buying ban will last. I do have one exception if by chance at Frocktails next month I get discount vouchers to fabric shops I will allow myself to use them if I find fabric I absolutely love. My main aim with my buying ban is to stop all the impulse buying I am doing particularly online. It is time to put a halt on things and use what I have.


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