Daybreak At Kendall

I am so excited I have finished my first ever Stephen West pattern!!! Never heard of Stephen West before? The best way to describe him is I guess a bit punk, a bit funky, a little outside the ordinary. His patterns are contemporary and amazing. He uses a lot different colours in his work and they look fantastic.

The pattern I chose was Daybreak. There are 2 versions of this pattern, the original version which I did try at first has a little bit more complicated stitches in terms of the purl stitches you do. It is also a more tighter shawl due to the way it is knitted so you have to be careful with your tension, I’m a tight knitter so not good for me. The second version is Purlbreak which I made. Purlbreak is a garter stitch version of the same pattern. Where you change your colours in the stripes isn’t as tight. Originally I was going use to 2 skeins of yarn that my best friend brought me for my birthday last year which is the blue yarn (surprise surprise I chose blue yarn) I would have just had enough yarn but the pattern looks better if at least 3 colours are used. When I went to visit my friend in January I checked the store that I got the yarn from to see if they had any other colours left and all they had was 2 greens. I took my original yarn with me and went to the store to see if they would look ok together. They yarn used is Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk which is a 85/15 Merino Silk mix, it is so soft.

I’m calling this my Daybreak at Kendall shawl now a little insight into how my mind works, my mind was just spinning at how it was all coming together. The yarn came from a shop called Purlwise which is located in Kendall, I was going to make the Purlbreak version with yarn from Purlwise. All the colours in it remind me of all the colours up there. Kendall is located a little inland and there are trees and greenery everywhere. I catch the train there and the train is blue. Also the colours remind me of the colours that are around me and my friend when I’m up there. Her property is very green with the bushland around it and each day we would go for a walk along the river (or it might be called some other sort of waterway) anyway the point is it’s blue. All the blues and greens just remind me of being up there and the fun we have together. All this is wrap up in shawl so it makes this shawl very special.

This shawl ended up being huge! By the far it is the biggest shawl I have ever done. I struggled to block it, I really needed a queen size bed that wasn’t going to be used for a few days but didn’t have one. I decided instead of pin blocking it just to stretch it out and let it sit flat naturally to dry. I love it. Sometimes when I’ve pin blocked things the edges look really rigid and jagged, I felt blocking made some things look worse. On this shawl you can see the natural curves and it looks organic again bringing in that feeling of being up north amongst all the nature.

I will admit this shawl isn’t perfect but neither am I. I’m not bothered by the random incorrect stitches or where I tried to fix a mistake and made it look worse. I have an awesome meaningful shawl and I am now a Stephen West knitter so I’m pretty happy 🙂




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