Magazine – Beginner’s Guide To Dressmaking

I’m trying to be really good at the moment and cut down non essential spending but yesterday I came across a magazine at my local newsagent and I’m glad I picked it up.

Now I know I am not a beginner in terms of dressmaking. I’ve made a lot of clothing in particularly last year but lets be honest they have been really basic in terms of sewing techniques. My clothing sewing has developed through attending workshops, reading books and watching YouTube. When I came across this magazine I first thought ok I’m not going to get anything from it. Flicking through the pages I saw a couple of items I wanted to make from it and thought ok I’m going to splurge out on it. If you have been sewing clothing for a while you might think you know all this but do you remember the basics and fundamentals? I don’t know the fundamentals, I don’t know which interfacings and stablisers are best for each fabric, I didn’t know which marking tools are used for what, I’d forgotten the importance of keeping your sewing machine covered whilst not in use (mine has been sitting uncovered for weeks) The magazines is also full of handy hints and tips, things to keep in the memory bank for if you ever need them.

There are also lots of patterns in this magazine. You also get a free download of the Adele dress which is on the front cover, I think I had this pattern at one stage but gave away. A lot of the other patterns shown are self drafted from your own measurements. I see other people who have self drafted skirts and it something I have been wanting to try. There is also a cute poncho which I’m thinking about trying but I’m not sure how it will go walking with my crutch but maybe I will make it first out of trace and toile and try it. Some of the patterns in the book upcycle shirts and other garments to make into new clothing. There is one skirt pattern which upcycles old t-shirts but I’m thinking it could be done with jersey scraps I have in my stash.

My sewjo has up and left me but reading this magazine I think it is making a come back.


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