Sydney Frocktails 2019

Last Saturday night I went to Sydney Frocktails. I love Frocktails it is such a fun night.

Originally I was planning on making an actual frock for this time around but sadly the heat we’ve had this summer in Sydney combined with the stress of my over locker not playing nicely in recent months meant I never actually got a dress made. I didn’t have the sewjo or time to try out a new pattern in the limited sewing time as Frocktails loomed. I have sew much respect for all the amazingly talented ladies who did make new patterns or try new techniques on their dresses on the days and hours leading up to the night and had them finished in time.

Photo Courtesy of Mr Useful Box from Sydney Frocktails on Instagram

I decided 2 weeks out from Frocktails my outfit would be a shawl I had actually knitted for the event at the end of December, one of my sparkle skirts that I made in December and a tank top. The tank top I did actually make one week out from Frocktails but it was the Winnats tank which is a pattern I had made before so I was comfortable with plus I was needing a black tank top in my wardrobe. Sewing up the tank was pretty stress free and I enjoyed making it (my over locker even behaved) I am really happy with my outfit.

I managed to find a beaded necklace which I think got around 10 years ago which fitted in with the black and red theme I seemed to have. My hand bag was one I knitted many years ago and was the same coloured cotton as my shawl. I even wore my metal cuff which I made at a craft show a few years back, it has little ying yang symbols on it. I’m really happy with my little outfit.

I had a wonderful night. At last years Frocktails I had a migraine and didn’t have the best night but this year I made sure I avoided any migraines so I was able to really enjoy myself. I sipped on my cocktail and enjoyed the other complementary drink we got with out entry tickets. I chatted to all my sewing friends and made new friends. I was touching people’s fabrics and meeting different people that I had known from Instagram but had never actually spoken to in real life. It was a really relaxing fun night.

As we have been spoilt every year each person got to take home a goodie bag or in this case a goodie parcel. Our parcel included a copy of Peppermint magazine (I have wanted to read this mag), a little bag to sew up, some embroidery thread, sew in clothing tags plus discount vouchers some printed, some sent via email. It was an amazing little parcel of sewing happiness.

Once again this year there was some amazing lucky door prizes…. By pure luck I won a $150 gift voucher to The Fabric Store!!! I couldn’t believe it when my name was called out. The Fabric Store is an awesome shop. I often go to the one in Sydney, I made sure I visited the one in Melbourne last month. I have no idea what I am going to buy with it. I think I am going to go there one day, browse all the fabric and see what jumps out at me. Enjoy the shopping trip.

Sydney Frocktails was so popular this year that Caz from Useful Box who organises it (and does an incredibly amazing job) has announced there will be a 2nd Frocktails in September, originally I thought I might sit the next one out as I have a lot of events in August but the more I thought about it the more I decided no I would like to go so I have already brought my ticket.

Now to get sewing on my Spring Frocktails outfit.


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