2018 A Crafty Year In Review

This time of year I always sit and reflect back on what crafty things I have done this year. 2018 has been a BIG year for me. On a personal note my day job has been crazy from the start of the year right until the end and crafting has kept me sane this year during it. Blogging wise unfortunately I have posted less than I have in previous years and there are a lot projects I have completed this year that I haven’t blogged about yet so you will see them over the coming months.

I can’t believe how much I have expanded my Me Made Wardrobe this year. It was all sparked off by attending the first Cashmerette retreat in February then going back for the second one. Both retreats were sew much fun, I learnt a lot at both of them but also they gave me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone, try new patterns and have a go at things. Sure I have curves but that doesn’t mean I can’t try any pattern I see, I just may need to alter the pattern a little to fit me but it is the pattern that needs altering and not me. Clothing making isn’t intimidating for me anymore. This year I have made

I think it is about 22 items I have made this year for myself which seems a crazy amount of clothing but I have been wearing them all. I’m not just making things and keeping them in the wardrobe. Some items have really surprised me, I still can’t believe I regularly wear a white skirt to work but my Granville skirt is just sew comfortable.

I heard the comment this year that wearing “Me Made” items can calm you in a stressful situation and I couldn’t agree more. This year if I was stressed out at work, having a bad day or thinking I couldn’t do something I would just look down at what I was wearing, maybe stroke the fabric and my nerves would calm down or my confidence levels would rise again and I could handle things better. My homemade clothing became very therapeutic this year whether it be in the making of it or the wearing of it. As my workload and stressed increased towards the later part of the year my sewing output increased too because on a weekend I found I could switch my mind off better if I was sewing and focusing on that instead of thinking what I had to do on Monday. If I didn’t set myself clothing deadlines I was getting more done as I was relaxed in making the items.

I’ve enjoyed events with the Sydney Spoolettes again this year. We’ve had swap days, seen exhibitions, had dinners and days out fabric shopping. Frocktails was fun even though I was sick at it. The Spoolettes are always a lovely bunch of people to hangout with and talk all things fabric and sewing.

It hasn’t just been all sewing this year I have enjoyed my yarn projects as well. The class I did with Sockmatician was brilliant and one of the highlights of the year, for the first time ever one of the Christmas gifts I gave was a double knit item. Crocheted water balloons were my saviour for Christmas gifts this year for kids, if I hadn’t made those I’m very doubtful I would’ve met my gift deadlines this year.

The items I have knitted myself this year were

I went on my first trip out of Sydney in over 5 years to my best friends place up the coast and she took me to all the local yarn shops up there and it was a lot of fun even though she is not a yarn person, she was amazed that a pattern can be created in items just by the way the yarn is dyed and how you knit it. I got yarn from different places and I will have memories of up there once I make the items. My knitting has been a little down on previous years but I have made larger pieces (except for socks) than I have in previous years but I enjoyed the knitting process. I’m currently in the middle of 2 more knitting projects for myself and they are fairly large.

Looking ahead to 2019 I don’t have any big plans yet. Frocktails is coming up in February and I am yet to make my dress so I will start that in the coming weeks. I want to go to Knitting Camp again, I don’t mind if I don’t do any classes I just want to go to camp, hangout with fellow knitters and squish yarn. I am going on holidays next month and hoping to visit Bendigo Woollen Mills whilst I am in that part of the country and also maybe do some fabric shopping around Melbourne. I have asked on the Spoolette’s facebook group for fabric places to visit down that way so I might check some out. I’m still making all the gifts I give, as of yesterday I decided on all items I am making for next Christmas so I can finalise what supplies I need to buy and make a start on those sooner rather than later. As for birthday gifts I’ve worked out the majority of items I am making there are just a few I need to fully decide on, I have made a start on the gifts I need for earlier in the year. Charity wise I will continue sewing and knitting pouches for WIRES, I’ve sent a few parcels to them full of items this year and hoping to send more off next year.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on here this year. I love sharing my little craft adventures with you all.

Wishing you all the best for 2019



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