Overlocker Why Oh Why!

Over the past 24 hours me and my overlocker have not been happy.

Let me set the picture.. Yesterday I came home from work early, it was a coolish December day which is unusual for this time of year in Sydney so I thought perfect I can get some sewing done. I pulled out my overlocker which was working perfect last weekend, changed the thread colours the way I always do by tying on the new colours and letting it run through my machine until it came to the needles which I thread manually. Everything looked ok I ran a test piece through and the thread on my left needle broke.

I rethreaded the eye of the needle again and the same thing happened again and again. It would run a couple of stitches then break again so I would replace the thread through the eye. I did this I don’t know how many times. I thought maybe it might be the needle itself so luckily the other week I had brought more overlocker needles and replaced the needle but the same issue was occurring. I cleaned out my machine (dust bunny city) thinking that might be the issue. I even turned the machine off and left it for a bit to see if that would help… Sadly not. At one stage the thread would hold in the eye but not catch the loops as shown in the above photo which I posted on both Instagram and Facebook asking for help.

A lot of lovely people suggested rethreading it and checking that is was threaded properly. Today was going to be my nice day at home sewing so I went back to my overlocker and tried again rethreading. I got it working for one item and I thought great problem fixed… When I tried the second item again the same issues occurred.

I manually threaded the needle from scratch checking that it was in the tension discs going over the different levers. I even changed back to white threading thinking maybe it doesn’t like the black thread today. I haven’t lost my temper at this point and I am not on the verge of tears but I am as frustrated as hell as to why it isn’t working…. I did Google new overlocker machines but I am not going to be that crazy to go buy a new one (the new air threader ones do look fancy) I have looked on YouTube for ways to fix it but its all the things I have already done. The only thing I haven’t tried is to cut all the threads and manually thread it instead of just tying on the new threads. It is just the left needle that is playing up. Except for the time I bent a needle in this machine I have never really had issues with it…. Maybe it is time for a service but of course its Christmas/New Year so no places will be available to do it.

I have one more item to make from A Beginner’s Guide To Sewing With Knitted Fabric and I just want to finish it by the end of this month. Unfortunately the fabric is a French terry so it really needs to have finished seams. I am starting to get upset that I won’t get it finished this year but it isn’t from lack of trying. I do have the option of using an overcasting/overlocking stitch on my regular sewing machine to finish my seams but that will be a lot slower to do and won’t be as neat as the overlocker would be. Stubborn me wants to get my overlocker figured out and not let it beat me. If in my day job I can figure out why computer reports aren’t picking up the correct information surely I can figure out why my overlocker isn’t working…



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