Leftover Scarf

Once I cut out my basket weave skirt I had some fabric leftover from it. The piece was an odd size, not really large enough to do anything with but too much to just throw out. As the fabric was really unusual in texture it was very hard to add it to another piece of fabric and use it as a trim.

I decided to make just a simple scarf and I do mean simple. All I did was fold it across the width of the fabric and trim the sides with my rotary cutter and ruler so they were both even. As my overlocker still had brown thread on it from making the skirt I ran each side of the scarf through my overlocker. As the ends were the selvage and were finished I didn’t have to worry about those. I made sure that I went in the same direction on both sides so that my overlocker stitches would be the same on both sides. After both sides were done I just weaved in all 4 overlocker tails like I do with whenever I have end tails. It maybe took 2 minutes to cut, 5 minutes to sew and finally 10 mins to do all my tails.

The final piece is 8″ x 48.5″ It isn’t a large scarf but enough to be a matching accessory with my skirt. I never wear accessories but it is something I would like to do more of. I’m really happy with this leftover scarf. It is making me think about accessories more and what I could make. I used to wear a lot necklaces and jewelry but these days I don’t. I think I need to start making more things for me… and not just make them but wear them too.


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