Water Balloons Completed

It has been a while since I finished a project then jumped on here to blog about it straight away but I just had to with these water balloons.

I started these water balloons back in January. This morning I weaved in the ends of the final balloons. In total I got 123 balloons made from the 8 balls of chenille yarn I purchased. I will divide these up between 5 families with a total of 12 kids. My next task today will be to wrap these up in packs of 10 with some getting 11 and give them as Christmas gifts this year. The pattern for these can be found on Ravelry. When I first saw them I thought they would make wonderful gifts. To recap you don’t fill these up with water rather soak them in a bucket for a couple of minutes then toss them around. Once the water is gone from them pop them back in the bucket to be used again. If they get dirty you can pop them in the washing machine.

I got a mixture of sizes made of the balloons. I must admit on some I may of missed a row or even added an extra row. It doesn’t matter as the kids won’t care. I also used a mixture of hook sizes 8mm and 9mm which made the sizes differ. Sometimes I would go weeks without making any and couldn’t remember which hook I used. Throughout the year I would just grab the yarn and start crocheting a few in front of the tv whenever I felt like it. I left the weaving in the ends until the end. I used a 4mm hook to weave them through then tucked in the final piece into the balloon. Again the ends didn’t take long to do, mindless tv work or listening to music. They are surprisingly quick to make.

It was interesting working with this thick yarn for the first time. It is so soft and squishy. Working with the larger hooks was easy too. The yarn would be lovely to make into a blanket, it is very light so it wouldn’t be a heavy blanket.

I am super pleased with these. They were an easy gift to make that took little time to make. This year has been a busy one for me so these were the ideal gift to make as you can give them to a child of any age to play with. My Christmas gift making isn’t over yet but this is a big chunk finished well ahead of time. If you like to make gifts for kids and you can crochet I urge you to give these a try.



2 thoughts on “Water Balloons Completed

  1. Such an unusual idea, I’ve never thought of this but I’m sure it’s much better than having balloon debris about the garden.

    • To be honest I had never thought about them much either until I saw this pattern and I thought wow what a great idea. Water balloons are so much fun to play with and a really innocent part of childhood but I never considered all the mess traditional rubber ones are let alone the cost of them over a summer period. These can be used over and over.

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