Concord – Attempt 1

Last month I blogged about my current “To Sew” list. I’m happy to now say I actually have gotten a lot of them done recently. After not going near my sewing machine in months August / September have been very big sewing months for me. I don’t envisage a lot of sewing time in October so I think I was trying to get as much done whilst I could. When you have to the “Sewjo” why fight it.

One of the first items I made from the list was my Concord by Cashmerette. Now I will be honest I had my hopes set that this would be my dream top to replace all my “dress” t-shirts. I call them my “dress” t-shirts cause for me I would wear them to work or out when I was meeting friends where I was wanting to look a little bit nicer and not throw them on to head to the local supermarket, you could wear them grocery shopping as they are a nice top but I’m likely to wear my favourite music shirt and comb my hair just enough so it isn’t too crazy looking. I digress, once I finished this top I wasn’t happy with the fit to be perfectly honest but I still have a wearable t-shirt that I can wear under jumpers in winter so it isn’t the end of the world. I took my measurements and made a standard size 18 opting for the high neck in short length version of the pattern. I knew the Concord was a fitted t-shirt I just didn’t realise by how much, this is very snug. Again ok for winter but for summer it just a bit too clingy.

I discovered I have rounded shoulders. At the Cashmerette retreats rounded shoulders is a common issue. Apparently it is common according to my personal trainer for females to have rounded shoulders, particularly those who do a lot of computer work ie Me! He didn’t directly say big boobs = rounded shoulders but I knew what he meant. I’m trying to work on my posture to correct this but in the mean time I am going to have to learn to adjust the patterns I make to compensate this. I have made 2 other tops aside from this one recently and they have the issue of gaping at the back of the neck. I know there is an adjustment you can make and I think it is covered in the online sewing classes I got as part of the Cashmerette retreat so I will have to watch it and do that adjustment next time. 90% of the time I wear a jacket or buttoned shirt open over the top my t-shirts, it is only really if I am walking home in the sun in summer that I don’t have my shoulders covered so you are not going to really see it on the items I have made. I’m now seeing on my ready to wear tops and t-shirts the same thing is happening.

The neckline of this pattern is wider than I like I discovered when I finished it, I don’t know if I have narrow shoulders I think I may. As you can see in the top photo this neckline is showing my bra straps. Again I know there is an adjustment you can make to patterns to bring the neckline in so that is another thing I need to research. All these adjustments sound scary but I am sure once I learn them I will be doing them all the time as required. I have played around with the depth of necklines before but never the shoulder width.

I like the length of the sleeves but they are too snug for me on this top, the arm band in particular. I will be making this top again but next time I will increase the length of the sleeve so I can hem it without the armband. In recent months at the gym I’ve increased the weights I can lift as my upper body strength has improved but I think that also means my arms have gotten a bit bigger as a result. I might have to look into the bicep adjustment for patterns.

Ok so referring back to my tick list of things to consider when making patterns

  • Comfort ?
  • Classic
  • Creative / Quirky Χ
  • Natural Fibres

This is certainly ticking the classic and natural fibre points. I used a bamboo / cotton fabric that was in my stash which is very soft. I think it ticks the comfort point for winter but not summer. To me I wouldn’t call this creative or quirky in this print but that’s ok it is a wardrobe staple colour.

After doing to some research I will be making this pattern again. To recap the things I will be doing differently next time

  • Go up at least 1 size if not 2
  • Alter the neckline so it isn’t so wide
  • Make the rounded back adjustment
  • Omit arm band and make sleeves longer.

This top was a good learning experience. It allowed me to see the shape of my body and what I need to do to make clothing fit me. I’m not body conscious I know I have curves, I know I have boobs. Yes I would like to tone up a bit but that isn’t why I go to the gym. Gym for me is about increasing my mobility so that I can manage my disability easier in daily life.

Of course me being me I wore this top out to dinner the day I made it and split gravy right down the front. I soaked it as soon as I got home but this top has a permanent stain now, lucky I am going to wear jumpers over it 🙂




2 thoughts on “Concord – Attempt 1

  1. Hi Cassy, that’s a lovely Tshirt. Being more fitted really suits you. Fitting Is one of he hardest things to do, especially on yourself. Is there someone at ASG who could help. I am still trying to fathom out how to fit properly, but have had a couple of thoughts from my previous experiences. Beware of just going one or two sizes because what will happen is the neck line will get even bigger, and the upper bust area. I have been told at various workshops to use your upper bust measurement (do you know how to do this) to choose your pattern so that the upper chest, shoulders and neckline sit properly, and then do adjustments. You are on the right track with needing to do a rounded back adjustment, if you are bigger than a B cup you would need to do a full bust adjustment, then the tshirt won’t feel as tight. Also it is quite easy to just add a little width on the sleeve. Hope this helps. Denise

    • Thank you. I know I have a tendency to wear clothes that are too big for me as I am used to just wearing baggy clothing. Thanks for the tips, when I get a chance to sit and play I will look into what I actually need to do to get them to fit better. I am not short of clothing at the moment so there is no hurry!

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