Magician’s Cape

So whilst I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing the last couple of months I have been knitting.

Last year I think it was I picked up some Harlequin yarn on sale from Bendigo Woollen Mills, it was a merino bamboo mix. Instantly I knew I wanted to make some sort of cape with it. I brought 4 balls of the colourway Magician’s Hat. In May I finally got around to finding a pattern for it. The style I wanted was long at the back with a split front. On Ravelry I found the Beech Hill pattern and knew it was the one, it was the style I was looking for but had some slight detail running down the sides and centre back.

I didn’t realise at the time but there is a lot of knitting in this, it was mindless tv knitting so it didn’t feel like a big project until you saw it finished. Once blocked it measures 40″ x 66″ end to end. The front splits are 17″ x 31″ To block it I needed to purchase extra mats and it took up the entire length of my craft table for 4 days. It is fairly square so the only thing I wanted to fix was the centre fronts along the split as they rolled in. After blocking it still does roll a bit but not as much. Knitting wise this is a super simple knit. This was the first time I have ever split my work and left stitches on a cable to work later. I was glad to have my interchangeable needle set with all the extra cords and stoppers. At the split section I double the yarn to make it stronger, I got this tip from another on Ravelry who had made it previously.

I decided to do some outdoor photos in the local park for this. It was so much fun and I had no hesitation posing for photos as people walked past and my photographer (Mr StitchNSew) snapped away. I was proud of my new cape. Oh I have a new hairstyle. After years of wanting an undercut I have finally done it. Frugal me did it myself, I have been cutting our hair for a few years so it was easy for me to do. I now just need to re-shave it ever 2 weeks with the clippers. I’m saving money on haircuts so I can spend it on craft supplies!

The front section is a nice length, not too long but just enough to give you coverage. I think I knitted mine a little shorter than the pattern suggests but it is still well and truly long enough.

You have a several options on how you can wear this, wear it with a side over one shoulder, wear it open entirely or closed with a shawl pin. Personally I’ll wear it with shawl pin. For these photos I had it on for about an hour in windy conditions without issue. I got the pin from the craft show specifically for this shawl. I think the dark wood goes nicely with the black yarn. When I removed the pin it didn’t leave holes. 

If I wore it over one shoulder it would most likely fall off due to the way I walk. I have issues with things falling off my shoulders but if you don’t have that issue it would be fine. I could wear it open particularly if I am sitting at my desk at work, however I think the shawl pin would be my best option

I do love how this is fully open at the sides. I can freely move my arms which is perfect for work as nothing is getting in my way. I get hot arms and prefer just to have my torso covered with layers and my arms bare or with just a light shirt over them.

It wears nicely with the crutch I use to walk with. I recently got a new one and it is blue!! I have waited 20 years for a blue one.

The back length is great. It gives me the coverage over my lower back, I always paranoid about getting a chill in my lower back. Even though there is a lot of yarn in this it doesn’t feel heavy.

I found a boulder and tested out sitting. It is very comfortable, you don’t feel like the back section is pulling and choking you.

The pattern detail turned out great, it breaks up the look a bit so it doesn’t feel like a piece of flat fabric. The detailing was incredibly easy to do with only basic knit and purl stitches and is very effective. Stitch markers came in handy as I had them placed along each section where I had to switch between knit and purl stitches so didn’t have to keep count each row as I knitted.

This cape turned out the exact way I envisaged it would in my head if not even better. It is the biggest project I have ever knitted. I ended up buying a 5th ball of yarn to complete it but only used a small amount from it so I have started knitting a beanie to match it.



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