To Sew List Aug 2018

I was hoping to get some actually sewing done this past weekend but due to some unexpected plans I spent the time doing boring stuff like housework and I actually had to pack my sewing machine up, she looks so sad all packed away.

For a while now I was thinking instead of having my “To Sew List” in my head maybe I need to write it down on paper (or on screen) regularly so I can look it and tick items off as I make them or cross off items which I no longer want to make. I get more of a sense of achievement with a good list. My list is only going to include items for me and not for others.

So here is my list as of August 2018.

  • Concord t-shirt – Cashmerette
  • Springfield top – Cashmerette
  • Turner dress – Cashmerette
  • Cedar dolman top – Cashmerette
  • Concord t-shirt dress – Cashmerette
  • Scrundlewear – Stitch Upon A Time
  • Calista curvy bra – Stitch Upon A Time
  • York pinafore – Helen’s Closet
  • Hollings Circle skirt – Wendy Ward
  • Rusholme A-Line skirt – Wendy Ward
  • Finsbury  Bubble skirt – Wendy Ward
  • Fallowfield  pencil skirt – Wendy Ward
  • Roehampton culottes – Wendy Ward
  • Brighton Front Opening skirt – Wendy Ward
  • Derwent Wide Leg trousers – Wendy Ward
  • Winnats tank – Wendy Ward
  • Monsal Lounge pants – Wendy Ward
  • Longshaw skirt – Wendy Ward

So it looks like a long list but that is because I have included all the items from the 2 Wendy Ward books A Beginner’s Guide To Making Skirts and A Beginner’s Guide To Sewing With Knitted Fabrics that I haven’t made yet. I have mentioned previously I would like to sew my way through both of those books and I have already made a couple of patterns from each including my Granville skirt which has really surprised me as it white skirt and I wearing it all the time, I even ironed it and hung it in my wardrobe on Saturday I never do that to clothing!!!

All the patterns on that list I already own and are printed in some form ready for me to trace out. My stash is huge and I should have enough fabric to make each one in my stash already. I certainly have enough knit fabric to make the 2 Concords and Turner. I am hoping that I really going to fall in love with the basic Concord pattern and it be my go to shirt pattern.

I do have a Springfield top cut out, this is different to the practice one which I started during the 2nd Cashmerette retreat that I never finished (I got up to putting on the bias tape around the neck and arm holes) If it is successful I have some liberty fabric in my stash that I brought specifically for this pattern. The Cedar top I will need to pull out the pattern for because I can’t remember if I traced it out or not, I think I did but something is telling me at the retreat I retraced it as the sizing I picked was different. I have some cheaper fabric to make one in and if that is successful I have some silk to make one in.

The 2 Stitch Upon A Time patterns make me a bit nervy. Not so much the Scrundies because I have made undies before and they are pretty easy I just need to get in and make them. The bra pattern I am nervous about. I never thought I would buy a bra pattern. The pattern is a soft cup bra and reminds me more of a athletic sports bra. The pattern has a few options on how you can make it but I am going to choose the most basic full coverage at the front and a straight back. It looks comfortable from all the photos I have seen and I hope it works as if it does I’m going to make a few to wear at home. SUAT have a facebook group and this month they are doing a sew along for this pattern, I won’t be able to actually create mine at the same time but I will still follow along to pick up all the tips and tricks so I can relax a bit more when I do actually make it. I have all the fabric and notions in my stash ready to go for this.

The York pinafore is another pattern that the more I saw photos of it the more I liked it. I have heaps of denim in my stash that I should be able to use for it. I love the pocket on the front (when you walk with a mobility aid leaving you with only one free hand pockets are awesome) Reading the pattern the only think I will struggle with is how much room to adjust for the larger bust. I am not sure if cup sizes in the US and AUS are the same and the pattern tells you adjust by so much extra per cup size past… I may need to play around with this pattern a bit to see how much I should add, once I get past that hurdle it should be an easy sew.

I’m hoping to get back to my sewing machine next weekend. Why is the moment you find out you can’t do something that you really want to do it. My sleep routine is starting to get back to normal and I now trust myself to get behind a sewing machine again so the urge is coming back. I have an Essential Wristlet cut out ready to be sewn up for a gift which I need to get to first then I plan to get to my Springfield top. Over the weekend I wore some RTW pants that need hemming so I must also get to those so I can wear them to work.


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