Welsh Flag

The local library in the suburb where my Knitters Guild group meets is going to have a display of flags from around the world created out of yarn so I decided to contribute a flag to the display. You got to pick your country from the list they had and I chose Wales, my nan was Welsh and she was the knitter in our family.

I have played around trying to read charts before but that was only a few lines and I never finished the project. This was the first project that I was doing colour work and following a chart. I found a chart on Ravelry which was perfect. I clipped the chart onto my lap app. It sat nicely on my lap and the magnet at the bottom held my pen in place between rows of marking lines off. This chart was very easy to follow, just a lot of counting squares per colour change. This was a tv off I need silence project though.

On the back my floats are a bit tight but not too bad. In long sections I tried to twist the yarn every 5-6 stitches to carry the yarn over the long sections. I watched Very Pink Knits video which was helpful. I think colour work and carrying floats is just something I need practice doing to get better. I enjoyed changing the colours. I knitted in English style as I need to practice my Continental knitting more before I do a complex project.

This does look very amateurish but I had ago and for a first attempt I don’t think it is too bad. It isn’t exactly the size they were after but once you stretch it out I’m sure the creators of the display will be able to join it with the other flags. It is an acrylic yarn so it won’t block out a lot.

I’m sure my nan would be proud of this.

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