Frocktails 2018

Don’t you hate it when you are really looking forward to an event after you put some much time and energy into preparing for it then on the day you come become sick and don’t enjoy yourself as much…. That was 2018 Frocktails in a nutshell for me. For the first time in a long time I got a migraine which included bad nausea, luckily I was able to take some pain medication which helped but it did dampen my night and I know I didn’t enjoy myself as much as I wanted to.

So I want to say I took lots of gorgeous photos but sadly I only took one bad mirror selfie at the end of the night back in my hotel room. If you look up the #sydneyfrocktails on Instagram you can see all the wonderful photos people took. People made some amazing clothing. It was a night of touching and feeling and lot of “what pattern is that?” How often do you get to sit in a pub and talk pattern numbers and sewing techniques. It was good to catch up with old friends and new.

Once again we were lucky enough to have the chance to win some lucky door prizes. I was fortunate enough to win a prize pack from the Avid Seamstress which contained 2 patterns. Now to be honest before I would say “oh they are pretty but they won’t fit me” Now that I know how to do fitting alterations I can make them fit me! Each person also got a goodie bag (I think adults should always get goodie bags when they go to parties and events) The goodie bags included discount vouchers for different indi pattern companies and fabric and supply stores. I have used one voucher so far and can’t wait to use more.

I am really glad I made my outfit in December when I had the chance. People were still finishing their outfits minutes before they were leaving the house. I had my outfit sitting on a hanger so it was ready to go. I am really pleased with what I made and it was so comfortable. To recap my top was the Lou Box Top by SewDIY, skirt was McCalls 6654 and cape was Burda Young 7313. The fabric used for the both the top and skirt was a modal knit. Now that Frocktails is over and I don’t need to keep my outfit on the hanger I’m going to wear both the top and skirts as separates in daily life. I wanted to make pieces that I could wear after Frocktails and these are perfect, I can wear them together or separate.

I used my bag all weekend and it held up well. If I was to make it again I would make the strap a little shorter. I forgot how much any type of yarn stretches on straps so it sat lower than I would’ve liked.

Now to start mentally planning for Frocktails 2019….






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