PJ Tops K4088

After the success of making my first pj top from Kwik Sew K4088 I raided my knit stash to make a couple more.

I made the shirts exactly how I did it last time. It is a men’s pattern but it is just a t-shirt so who cares. I made view B which is short sleeve but used the neck line of C so it is a crew neck.

At the start of last year I purchased a bundle of bolt end knit fabric from Melly and Me. I used some of it in a test skirt last year but I still had heaps left over. The fabric is so comfortable and soft. I had one larger piece of and I was able to make this pink top. Laziness means I never hemmed the sleeves or the bottom. I’ve worn and washed and it is ok. To be honest the test skirt I made last year I never hemmed either and that is lasting fine.

I had 2 smaller offcuts of fabric that wasn’t enough to make an entire shirt out of but combining them meant I had enough for a shirt so that is what I did. I don’t like to wear white fabric (even on pj’s) but this fabric was too cute not to used. I compromised and used the white fabric on the back and sleeves.

The front and the neck band I used the pink fabric. I really like it. It is a little bit different. I’m more of a bird or hippo girl but I do like the tiny hedgehogs. They are so bright and cheery and I can see them on my arms.

I may still make more of these tops (I have suitable fabric in my stash) for pj’s. It is a simple pattern and very comfortable. I do want to make myself some t-shirts to wear out casual but I’m leaning away from this pattern for them. I’m conceding they may just be a bit too baggy to wear out when I am dressed. I always go for the largest baggiest clothing because I like comfort but I don’t think I need to go this big.



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