Kitty Kate

Kitty Kate is the last of my birthday gifts for 2017. Once again this is another Funky Friends Factory pattern. I have used a lot of Pauline’s patterns this year for my gifts. I would say this one is mid range difficulty, there wasn’t an additional step by step tutorial aside from instructions in the pattern like some of her toys have but you didn’t really need it as there wasn’t anything too unusual to the pattern that you might need help with.

My scrap fabric boxes are getting a bit out of control to the point where I need to seriously go through them and cull any pieces I know I will never use. The other thing is that I need to start using my scraps more.  I found a bag of purplish scraps. I used these same scraps when I made the Purple Pillow back in 2014 and I haven’t touched the scrap bag since. From the pack I was able to find fabric to fit all the pieces of Kitty. When picking the pieces for each section I tried to balance it out so although it was all a miss match it looked nice and not like a dog’s (or cat’s) breakfast.

What I really liked about this toy is that you stuff her limbs once she is constructed which is my preferred way to do them. I find it so much easier to do it this way, I am really pleased with my ladder stitch on these too. Her tail I accidentally put upside down, it is meant to stick up. It has elastic in the tail and I don’t think I stretched it enough so it doesn’t have the full curl like it is meant to. She is a nice size toy, perfect for cuddling and stands upright by herself.

I like Kitty Kate. I am hoping Miss 4 likes her too.



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