Tube Turning – Nappy Pin Method

I have to confess one sewing task I really don’t like doing is turning tubes out the right way. I’m currently in the process of making 6 butterfly wings for Christmas gifts so that equals 12 tubes that need turning out so I can place elastic in them. In the past I have tried various ways of turning out tubes. I have those fancy tube turners, I have used hemostats, I have even tried sewing ribbon in the tube and turning them out that way. I haven’t really been happy with any of these methods. This morning when I sat down to work on my wings I thought I am going to use a Nappy pin. Bingo!

I pinned the nappy pin on one side of the fabric end and then threaded it through the tube. I had to initially push it a bit to get the fabric turning inside out but that happens with all methods you use. Once the fabric was turning I was easily able to move the pin though the to the other end rolling the tube the right way out.

The tubes still need ironing but any method you choose you will need to do that. This method was so quick that I decided to all 12 tubes at once. I had no stress on my hands. The nappy pin was easy to grip and push through. It took about a minute to do each tube and there was so no struggling.

I keep a couple of nappy pins next to my sewing machine. They are perfect for threading through elastic and I will use them on these wings when I get to that stage. Nappy pins are going to be my go tube turners from now as it was so easy to do. My tubes were about 1″ wide but you could use them on a narrower tube too. If your tubes were even smaller than that a regular safety pin would also work, I wouldn’t pick the flimsy gold coloured pins but a medium silver coloured pin.

Don’t you love it when you find a sewing trick that just makes your sewing world a lot easier.



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