Bubble Bum Crush Blanket Begins

Earlier this year Bendigo Woollen Mills released a limited edition range Cotton Crush and it was love at first sight for me.

9 limited editions colours were in the range

  • Sambuca
  • Orange
  • Cola
  • Bubble Gum
  • Vanilla
  • Sherbet
  • Grape
  • Pineapple
  • Lime

Within minutes of seeing them online I was ringing the store to place an order of every colour. Thinking about it a day later I went online to order another ball of each just so I would have enough for a blanket. These colours were very popular and sold out within days and from memory I think they did another dye lot. The colours are more brighter than the regular shades of cottons Bendigo normally has and I think that is why they were so popular. I’m hoping that this year they decide to add these colours to their regular range.

As soon I saw them I thought of a cotton blanket for summer. In my mind I kept tossing up the idea between crocheted and knitted. Maybe it just the way my washing machine works and the fact I don’t hang things outside on a washing line to dry and get softened in the breeze but cotton has a tendency to become stiff once I wash it and I didn’t want an oversized dishcloth after the first wash.

In the end I thought about the knitted cotton shawl I made back in 2013. It still lovely and soft and has been washed several times. It was made using the same 8ply cotton as these cotton crush cottons. So a knitted blanket was my final decision. After my success with knitting the beanies continental style I decided I would knit the blanket that way. I did a test piece on some other Bendigo 8ply cotton I had in my stash to see what my tension would be using 4mm needles. I was happy with how it was knitting up. It is isn’t super loose or super tight. I am using circular needles on a 150cm cable.

I couldn’t really find how many stitches to cast on for a basic rectangle blanket so I went with 222 just because I like the number 2. I roughly laid it across the bed and it seems wide enough but I will be totally honest and say I don’t know. I have a feeling it won’t be wide enough but I don’t care I will still use it in some capacity. I selected an order to do the stripes, I was fussy and didn’t want some colours next to each other (my blanket I make the rules) It is all knitted in garter stitch and I am slipping the first stitch of ever row perl wise. Each stripe is 10 rows wide. I am keep the rows an even width so it doesn’t look like a scrap blanket. I have no idea how large it will be, at this stage I am just knitting colour band after colour band until I use up both balls of each colour. I do have an extra 2 balls of the blue which may or may not get used on this, I will decide later on. At the time I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a crochet blanket so brought an extra ball of blue both times to be sure I had enough.

So why the name Bubble Bum? When Bendigo first put these for sale on their website there was a typo in Bubble Gum and it was written as Bubble Bum. When I rang and placed my order I read the name off the computer screen and ordered 2 balls of Bubble Bum as I honestly thought that was the colour name. The name has stuck and no matter what blanket I ended up making I was going to always call it Bubble Bum Crush.







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