V Stitch Doll Blanket

I’m still trying to decide on a blanket pattern for my next blanket so I decided to try it out on a doll’s blanket first. Doll’s blankets and dishcloths are great ways to test out new pattern designs or new stitches, they are like oversized swatches that you can see the pattern in or get a feel for the stitch. If I make a dolls blanket I get a bonus gift I can add to other presents I have made because all softies like a blanket even if they are not a doll.

This blanket measures 22.5″ x 13″ using a 4.5mm hook. This was the item I made with the first clover amour hook I brought. It was so easy to work with. I have used this yarn before (a cheaper acrylic)  and it split on me but I had no trouble this time. I didn’t follow a pattern I just did a chain until it looked long enough making sure it was an even number of chains. The first and last rows are the same as the border so it blends in more. For the border I just did a row double crochet edge and the final row is crab stitch.

One thing I did for the first time on this blanket was carry the yarn between stripes on the side instead of cutting it each row. It was a time saver! Now I wish I had known this technique when making the Pamuke blanket. It might sound simple to some but I didn’t realise you could, I have done it with knitted stripes but never  crochet. It was really easy to twist it between rows and not have it tangle.

I really like this stitch. It is very easy to do and creates a really effective pattern. I don’t know if I am going to use it for next blanket as it is a little bit more open then I was thinking. I need to make washcloths for Christmas so I might do it on those.



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