Quilt NSW Membership

I was so inspired by all the wonderful quilts at the recent Sydney Craft and Quilt fair that I joined Quilt NSW.

Quilt NSW is like the state guild of quilters for NSW, similar to the Australian Sewing Guild and Knitters Guild NSW. Like all craft guilds its main focus is to promote quilting and continue on this beautiful craft for years to come. Members can attend workshops or meetings with other quilters. They have quilt shows and challenges that members can participate in. Quilting is something that I want to do more of but never find the time so what motivation to make the time than to join the state guild.

Over the years I have done a little bit of quilting, most on things like mug rugs or minis. I would like to one day enter a piece in the Sydney Craft and Quilt fair. Due to my workload I know I won’t get one done for next years show so my aim is to get a piece in the following year. I have no idea how big or small my quilt will be but I have the ambition to get something in. I have a quilt in mind that I wish to do but I don’t know how long that one will take to do, I guess it depends on how big I make it and if I can get the combination of fabrics I want. With everything else I wish to make (toys, clothing) I will have to really plan quilt making into my schedule, it sounds awful having to schedule in time to craft but I think it will be the only way to juggle all the bits and pieces I wish to do. I of course have more than one idea for a quilt floating in my brain, just like my clothing to sew list my to quilt list is long too.



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