Sunny Log Cabin Blanket Completed

Well it took a bit longer than expected but I am happy to announce that I have finished my Sunny Log Cabin blanket. Actually I finished it last week but I had been waiting for the right time to photograph it outside.

I made a last minute decision to take the blanket to Knitting Camp with me and I am really glad that I did because firstly it was a little cold and having this draped over me at night gave me extra warm over my shoulders which I like and secondly it was an easy project to work on when I woke up early and everyone else was still asleep. I’m an exceptionally early riser and I was a little worried how that would work out with sharing a room with others at camp. Just outside my room I was lucky enough to find an area that had a light on and a chair so I sat there and worked on my blanket each morning. I had started part of the border before camp and had a vague idea of what order the colours were due to go but on the first morning I had left the pattern in my bag in the room with the colour way written down so I had to think from memory the order so it may or may not be the same as Lucy’s I haven’t gone back to check.

Ok so not to criticise ones own work but I know the edging isn’t lying flat. It isn’t to do with not blocking the individual 16 squares it is to do with the stitches in the border. I think on some edges I have to many and some I have to few. I wasn’t sure on some of the side edges where exactly to place my stitches. I also couldn’t remember what size crochet hook I used too so that may of distorted it a bit. I’m not worried about it as the blanket isn’t designed to lay flat against something, it is designed to be used.

I am really pleased to have this blanket finished. This is now my favourite blanket I have ever made. I have always really liked the log cabin block pattern in quilting and I love that I have created it in crochet. This is a great pattern by Lucy (Attic 24)  It is a really easy pattern with only the centre medallions requiring a little more concentration than the rest of the blanket. It is visually brilliant, I love the centre diamond in the greens and blues. I used the Sunny yarn pack from the Wool Warehouse which is Stylecraft Special DK. I have lots leftover so that has gone into my stash to become a scrap blanket one day.

So now to start my next blanket. Even thought I have lots more Stylecraft yarn that I had brought previously for blankets I’m thinking I will start a cotton blanket using the limited edition Bendigo Woolen Mills Cotton Crush cottons I purchased earlier this year. My thoughts are if I start it now and it is simple enough I might get if finished for this summer. So hopefully I start that in the next week or so.



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