Sunny Log Cabin Progress

So after not working on my blanket for many months last week I decided to start joining the squares together and before I knew it they were all done. Just like making a traditional log cabin quilt you first needed to join the squares to form rows and then join all the rows together. They are joined with whip stitch not crochet so you get mostly invisible seams that sit pretty flat. The colour yarn you use depends on what squares you are joining, the instructions have you use a colour that matches the side of one square. The only time you may see a few tiny stitches is when you are joining the vertical end columns in the block as they don’t match your yarn colour. My gamble of not blocking the squares did actually work. Each square is the same amount of stitches on each side so when you are matching up your seams if you line up your stitches they come together, I didn’t have to really pull or push any to make them fit.

My next step is to do the border around the outside. I’m glad these are finally joined. You can actually see the pattern now formed by the different columns of colour. I haven’t taken the labels off each square yet although I could take off the ones in the middle and just leave the outer 4 squares so I know which way I am going for the border. They have waited this long they can wait a little longer.



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