Trace and Toile Scraps

I use trace and toile all the time to trace out all my pattern pieces toys, clothing the lot. I use it so much that I buy it by the roll. All these years I have never actually sewn on to it even though its main purpose it to be used to make toiles for garments which includes sewing them together. Last night I was cutting out a pattern and I thought I could fit a narrow piece in between 2 other pieces I had traced out and cut from the roll when I discovered the length I’d cut from the roll wasn’t long enough to for this piece. I didn’t want to waste cutting from the roll an entire length for something that was only about an 1 wide so using the scrap from the length I had cut with my other pattern pieces on it, I cut 2 narrower rectangles and I stitched them together to form a longer piece.

I was able to trace out my narrow piece except in the excitement of me cheering myself for being so frugal I started to trace on to the actual pattern piece and not on top of the trace and toile (silly silly) I released after about a couple of inches. Once the trace and toiled was placed on top and traced out I had remaining length leftover on either end so I cut that off and placed them in the scrap trace and toile zip lock bag I have to use on smaller projects.

I love working with trace and toile (just don’t place a hot iron on to it) and keep as much as my scraps as I can. Now that I know stitching pieces together works I will do this again with suitable scraps for simple straight forward pieces.



4 thoughts on “Trace and Toile Scraps

  1. I use it a lot too. Sometimes I sew it up to make a toile, it doesn’t have the same hang quality as fabric but is often good enough for checking the size. You just have to remember to cut out with it folded in half not as a single sheet so that you have both sides of the garment . I sew it with a long stitch so it is just basted and then when I am satisfied with the fit I can cut it open and the remaining threads show the changes you have made to your pattern. Easy!

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