Wool Scrap Cakes

Using my ball winder I have gone and made yarn cakes from my remaining balls of wool scraps so that I can use them in WIRES pouches. If the balls were fairly solid still I didn’t bother rewinding them up into cakes (why reinvent the wheel so to speak) Having the balls in this format means I can easily use them on my yarn holder as they have the hole in the centre, when you rewind balls without the centre hole you can’t spear them on the spike. To join the yarn I just knotted them together the same way that I have always done. I will knit over my ends to secure them in.

I can see why everyone would be excited about using variegated coloured yarn cakes, if you were making a piece up you wouldn’t know how your colour changes will turn out. On the left are my balls of Bendigo Woollen Mills yarns, I have never made pouches from these before but they are suitable yarn (correct ply and composition) so there shouldn’t be a problem. I have a fair bit of leftover Bendigo yarns from the various blankets I have made. On the right the top one is leftover from when I made my Tunisian scarf, I need to double check the composition of this yarn but I am sure it is 100% natural just from different animals. The bottom right it made up from scraps of the regular brand yarn I normally use (Lincraft Cosy Wool) It will be good to use these up on pouches, a practical way to use up scraps.



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