The Dressmaker – The Movie

Last weekend I picked up a copy of The Dressmaker at the shops and watched it.

Was it what I was expecting? I don’t know to be honest what I was expecting. It was only after it was finished watching it that I read in the credits it was based on the book which meant it didn’t follow the entire storyline. Throughout the movie I kept comparing it to the book in my head which in hindsight had I known it was only based on the book I wouldn’t have compared the 2 so much. I didn’t really pay that much attention to the previews of the movie when it was at the cinema so I hadn’t seen a lot of it. The movie is a light hearted comedy, it is funny to think of this tiny town in the outback of Australia where the woman are climbing ladders in ball gowns just to change a light globe. The costumes were great and I would’ve liked to see more of them. The acting was good, I enjoyed spotting all the local Australian actors in it. It was a good movie but to be honest not something I am likely to watch again. Both the book and the dvd will go in my swap pile for a Sydney Spoolette’s swap day next month. Once I have seen or read something I generally don’t go back to it a second or third time.

I’m not much of a movie critic as to be honest I don’t really watch movies and dvds. This is a good movie if you do get the chance to see it, I think you will enjoy it. There are some really funny parts and visually the clothing and scenery is lovely. And if your wondering yes it does make you want to get to your sewing machine and whip up an outfit.



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