April 2017 To Craft List

April is here and I’m hoping for it to be a very crafty month for me. There are some public holidays with Easter and ANZAC Day so I’m hoping to spend extra time doing what I love which is crafting. My To Craft list is as follows

  • Finish 2 spiral toys
  • Finish an owl
  • Finish a dog
  • Read The Dressmaker
  • Stitch up a skirt that is cut out
  • Cut out and make at least one other skirt
  • Start a toy football
  • Finish off some toy food

Ok a lot of things on my list are half done projects from March. The 2 spiral toys I need to finish off ASAP as I actually wanted to have them finished by February. The owl and the dog need work done to their eyes before I can finish stitching them and then stuff them. I cut out a skirt weeks ago, overlocked the edges and then it has just sat there waiting to be stitched up ever since. I would like to make up one at least one of the winter skirts from the fabric that I brought on the fabric crawl. The toy football is going to be crocheted, I have the yarn I just need to start it. The toy food I started doing the hand embroidery during my weekend away. I’m doing about 3 different types of food only one is at the stitching stage the rest are waiting for the remainder of the hand embroidery to be done. The toy food isn’t urgent just some extra stuff I’m making. I decided to add reading The Dressmaker to my list, after finally finding my copy it looks like that I started to read the first few pages once but never got back to it so I will start again reading a few pages every day.

I have a lot of hand projects on my list. On the actual public holidays I’m hoping to do more machine sewing so I might even get more done then what is on my list. I have to consider how the projects will be sewn. I can regular use a regular sewing machine at any time of the day but for my neighbours sake (I live in a unit block) I don’t like to use my overlocker in the early hours of the morning, it is just too loud. There is no point of choosing a heap of items to sew only to discover I can’t start sewing before 7.30am.

Hopefully I can get most things done on my list.



2 thoughts on “April 2017 To Craft List

  1. So much to do! What a challenge. I’m hoping to get a day at the machine today. I have a dress for my grand daughter cut out. And then I need to tackle a pair of pants for myself. I just finished a lovely dress for my other grand daughter. She chose terrific fabric with rows of tiny elephants on it. I was pleased with the results. I forgot to take a photo !

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