Fabric Crawl March 17

So I mentioned that I stayed at the hotel the Australian Sewing Guild lunch was held at for the weekend. I decided to have like a mini get away and go for the weekend to relax. I may of mentioned this before but I don’t drive so sometimes it can be hard to visit different shops you want to go to due to the distance from your house. I decided to take the opportunity to check out some fabric shops that were in that end of town and nearish to the hotel (within a quick taxi trip) I did my research and narrowed it down to 3 shops that I really wanted to go visit. I decided I would go on a fabric crawl. A fabric crawl is just like a pub crawl but you come away with more than just a hangover at the end (ok maybe a credit card hangover)

First stop The Remnant Warehouse

My first impression was Oh wow I am a kid in a candy store, your eyes don’t know what to look at first. The shop is actually 2 shops side by side, each shop has bins of fabric rolls out the front as you walk in to the shops. My biggest tip is to take your time to walk around both shops once so you can take it all in and then go back and start to do your shopping. Each shop has slightly different types fabrics and supplies in it. One shop has your more traditional types of dress fabrics, patchwork fabrics, sewing supplies etc. The other shop has more of your dance costume fabrics and unusual fabrics likes mesh and pvc. Both are great to look around and both have fantastic bargains in them so that is why you need to look around each one first to see what they have. From one shop I picked up some pink polycotton to make another pillow bed, some synthetic jersey mesh to make more laundry wash bags and some trimmings to add on to some toy food I am making. The jersey was a remnant piece I found in one of the bins out the front, even after factoring in the cost of the zippers the laundry bags will still be cheaper than to buy them at the shops.

From the other shop I picked up 2 remnant pieces a cotton jersey knit that I will add on to another remnant cotton jersey piece I picked up last month at another shop so together will become a skirt. The second remnant piece I picked up on a whim was a piece of blue spandex, it is completely synthetic and totally not what I would normally wear (except for the colour) but I loved the texture of it and I could wear it for winter. The piece is large enough for a simple pencil skirt. If I make it and don’t like it I can always give it away.

Second stop The Fabric Store

This place had a lot of Liberty fabric, to be honest I am not part of the Liberty craze but there was some nice cotton prints and even some jersey prints. I wasn’t sure how much I would need so I didn’t buy any as nothing was screaming out buy 4m’s of me. This shop had a great range of pleather and leather so if I ever need any I know where I am headed. I did find some terry modal jersey, it is 70% cotton and 166cm wide. This will be perfect to make a skirt that I can wear with sneakers. Recently I had to wear sneakers with my floral denim skirt and it just looked daggy. I brought enough for a skirt and maybe a top.

The third and final stop was Tessuti

This shop had some beautiful fabrics. Price wise it was the most expensive of all 3 but not by much and there were bargains amongst the rolls of fabrics. I picked up some viscose jersey knit for $28m. Originally I was looking at black and white prints trying to decided which one to get when I saw this fabric. By chance it was near some rolls of fabrics in the same colour tones as the shirts I always wear and blended in nicely with them. I think it will be a simple pull on elastic pencil skirt again one that I can wear in winter.

I had so much fun on my fabric crawl so much I forgot to even stop for lunch. It was great to get out and look at some new shops. I know I can do a day trip out to these shops if I want something in particular or there is always online shopping.  I can’t believe that my fabric crawl was a week ago already. I have pre-washed a couple of the fabrics and hope to get them cut out in the next few weeks.




2 thoughts on “Fabric Crawl March 17

    • Oh it was! It really felt like a sense of freedom running around touching and stroking fabric all day. As for the skirt if I do end up giving it away at least I would’ve had the experience of working with a new fabric 🙂

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