Left Handed Scissors

I discovered my need for left handed scissors after trying the seam allowance guide. Last weekend I tried them out for the first time.

The scissors I purchased are made in Germany. They are a lot lighter to hold than what I am used to. They have a plastic handle in a universal grip. The universal grip means that they don’t have the shaped handle that your would normally place your thumb for comfort when cutting, this was important as I am using left handed scissors in my right hand. To recap I cut patterns backwards to the standard way of cutting with your right hand and therefore I couldn’t use the seam allowance guide on regular right handed scissors.

I was able to place the seam allowance guide on these scissors and cut anticlockwise with the pattern on my left like I normally do. The top blade that you place the seam allowance guide on is higher which is what I needed. It was easy to place on these scissors.

I’ll be the first to admit that my first result in cutting with these new scissors wasn’t the neatest in the world. In hindsight I should have practiced on some regular fabric and not my good stuff until I got the feel of scissors and using the seam allowance guide. The scissors were very light in my hand and I felt like I was hacking at the fabric instead of cutting smoothly, I’m used to my old scissors which are fully metal and heavier so you had to do bigger cutting strokes. I need to practice with small cuts instead of long cuts with these new scissors. My eyesight isn’t the best at times and I think I need to wear my glasses when using the seam allowance guide to ensure that it is staying inline with the pattern. I was overlocking the edges of what I cut out anyway so it wasn’t the end of the world.

I am glad that I was able to get these scissors. I think once I get the feel of them and practice using the seam allowance guide (with glasses on) adding seam allowance to patterns will be so much easier.




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