Blocked In My Tracks

In March I have decided it is time to pull out my crocheted Sunny Log Cabin squares and join them all up to create the blanket I never finished last year. The first thing I needed to do is block them. I read the instructions on how to determine what size I need to make my squares, got out the foam play mat tiles I brought last year to use as my blocking tiles and then came into problems….

  1. The tiles I brought were too small. An individual tile just wasn’t big enough
  2. The tiles are made up of puzzle pieces so when you moved them the centres fall out. They needed to placed with something behind them to keep them solid

The tiles were only about 28cm x 28cm and the block size I am making is 32cm x 32cm. To get the size to block one square I would need to join 4 together using these tiles but as I mentioned they are a puzzle with centre pieces that fall out so you can’t move them around. I would need to leave them in place on my craft table and only do limited amounts at a time. It wasn’t practical to use so I decided to give the tiles away to a friend so they weren’t wasted.

By chance the day I went to meet up with my friend for coffee and to give her the tiles I popped into K-Mart and found these large foam tiles that you use for camping. Each tile is 46cm x 46cm so I can easily block a square on each one. There was 4 tiles in the pack and it only cost $12, here is a hint I then saw the same size foam mats at a large known sports store for $69 for a set of 4. I’m glad I checked K-Mart first. Just like the original ones I brought you can join them together to make any size you want. Now I should be able to block my squares as well as any scarves I make. If by chance I make an item that is very big I can always buy another set and join them together, although anything that is very large I just tend to stretch out over the bed and put the steam over it.

Ok plan for this weekend is to get in and block my squares.




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