Rosehill Craft Show 2017

It is the first weekend in March which means it is time for the annual Rosehill Craft show. I went this morning.


The Rosehill show the little sister to the big Sydney Quilt and craft show which is held in June each year, it is a smaller show but usually just as good. This year the craft show seemed to have a different feel to previous years. I know popular craft trends change from year to year and the show caters for what is most popular but I guess this year the trends that seemed to be at the show weren’t really my taste. Cake decorating seemed to be big this year and wedding planning so if liked those things you had lots of activities and shops to choose from. I’m more into fabric and yarn shops and activities and it seemed there were fewer of those than in previous years at Rosehill. Saying that there was a new store which I was really wanted to visit and basically only went to the craft show for and that was Lefty’s. I had no idea this shop even existed until I saw that it in the exhibitors list prior to the show. As the name suggests they sell left handed products. I discovered they had left handed  dressmaking scissors and was hoping they would have them at the show. To recap my issue I’m right handed but cut fabric anti-clockwise which is apparently wrong for a right handed person. To use my seam allowance guide successfully I need left handed scissors.  They had a variety of types but talking to the owner and discussing my problem he suggested I went with a pair that had a universal grip. A universal grip doesn’t have a thumb grove it which means you can comfortably use them in your right or left hand. The top blade is on the left hand side which is what I need.


I did do one class as the show which was a last minute decision I only decided this morning before I left home. I discovered a jewellery making class. It wasn’t like a regular class where you met the teacher at a special workshop area at a designated time instead the class was held at the exhibitor’s stand and you basically went up whenever you wanted and made your item.  I really liked this as it gave you the flexibility to do it whenever you had time or there was a spot free at the class station. You had the option of making a pendant or a cuff. I decided on a cuff as it is something I am liable to wear more. You stamp your designs onto your item using metal punches and a hammer. You were able to use any of the punches (letters, symbols, zodiac signs, pictures) they had available to create any design you wanted. There was no limit so you could do as many as you could fit if you wanted to. I saw they had a ying yang punch for sale but it wasn’t among the ones you could choose from however the store holder was kind enough to open the packet up so I could use it. Each person was given a practice piece to try out using the punches before they started their actual piece. My practice piece was horrible as it kept slipping. They stall holder gave me some tips and I got the hang of it. For my bracelet I opted for 4 ying yangs, they turned out great so I decided not to do anything else. I adore ying yangs so my bracelet was perfect with just the 4. You do the punching out your design on flat metal surfaces afterwards you curve the cuff to get the round shape. I love my little bracelet.

It certainly was my shortest Rosehill show as I only spent just over 2 hours at it. I did the things I wanted to do so it wasn’t a wasted trip. Crowd wise numbers looked down but Sydney is currently going through a very wet period so I’m guessing that is why. Hopefully next year it picks back up again.



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