To Craft List March 17

In February my Sewjo got up and left and I never saw it. It wasn’t until this past weekend that I actually sat down at my sewing machine for the first time in the month. Summer in Sydney is always warm (hello it is summer!) but this February has been really humid and the last thing I want to do is sit down at my sewing machine. I don’t have air con which I don’t mind but I don’t want the sewing machine to overheat. Also towards the end of January I had a couple of projects that didn’t work out properly so my motivation and sewing confidence also took a hit. I’m re-thinking a couple of my sewing projects now. February I spent a lot of time crocheting and knitting so it wasn’t entirely wasted time.


For March I want to get back on the Janome and get a few things done so my list is

  • Make the dinosaur tail
  • Make a wearable toile of a top
  • Finish hand sewing secret April gift
  • Attend the ASG birthday luncheon
  • Block my Sunny Log Cabin Squares
  • Make my Quilts of Hope Block

I now have blocking pins and have researched how to block items so I have no excuse now not to block the squares, I have other blankets I wish to start but am being strong and not starting them until I finish the Log Cabin otherwise I know the Log Cabin will never get finished. The April gift I have just a small amount of hand sewing to do from memory. The dinosaur tail I’m hoping to get started on this coming weekend, I still need to cut out some spikes for it. The top is the Sew DIY pattern I chose. I want to test out the sizing on a top that I can wear around the house in some stretch knit I have in my stash. For the Quilts of Hope block I have everything planned out in my head it is now just a matter of getting everything cut and start working on it.

I’m looking more forward to March now. I want to get back to my sewing more. I’ve enjoyed my knitting and crochet but sitting doing that isn’t going to get my gifts made…



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