Stitch Castle Hill 2017


Stitch Castle Hill by Craft Alive is currently on again for its 3rd year and I went a long yesterday. Each year I go I find it a little different but in a good way not a bad way. Across Australia Craft Alive hold their shows in regional town centres, the shows are a little bit smaller but just as good. Also at the smaller shows you get a lot of shops that don’t go to the larger shows so it always nice to see different shops if you attend regular craft shows like I do. This year there was a good mixture of fabric and yarn shops so I was in my element.


This year I picked up a few items. If you have seen my Instagram feed lately you can see I am going through a bit of a yarn phase, I just want to sit and crochet and knit. I picked up some cottons from The Australian Wool Store. They are a little bit thicker (10ply, 12ply) than I normally work with so I can’t wait to try them out. The blues I have a scarf planned for myself I just haven’t decided on a pattern yet, the purple and green I’m thinking either a dishcloth or maybe even a pot stand trivet as they are thick and if do it double they will be even thicker.


I picked up the knitting pattern books after seeing them last year. The author is a fellow NSW Knitter’s Guild member but at a different group to the one I attend. I would really like to make a sampler blanket to develop my knitting skills. When I got home and sat down with the books the knee rug sampler has confused me a little so I think at this stage it may be a little advanced (but something to work towards) The lace patterns I think I could do and am considering maybe even doing for my scarf. The stripes pattern book I felt most comfortable with and I may even do my dishcloth / pot trivet with one of the patterns. I have a small problem this year I keep buying slipper patterns. I am yet to make any but now I own about 3. I will really need to make a pair for this winter. The “Purple Thang” is a little gadget I have seen online before. It is like a multipurpose tool you can use to poke things with, measure quarter inch, stuff toys. Basically it s one of those useful gadgets for your stash.


This year Craft Alive is support the charity Quilts For Hope, part of your ticket entry goes towards the charity. Members of the public can support the charity even further by donating a quilt block to the charity with a twist. Riley Blake fabrics have kindly donated fabric squares to be used within the block, the only requirement for the blocks you make it that they must be a 9.5″ finished size, contain at least 50% of the supplied fabric and be in the theme of “Future Stars” You can choose any other fabric you want to go with it and the block can be in assembled in any way you want (pieced, appliqued, machine embroidery)  The blocks will then be made into finished quilts for the actually patients it supports or the quilts may be raffled off to raise funds for the charity. I love this idea and have decided to take up the challenge. Ideas started ticking immediately and I found a nice fat quarter in light blue to use as my base block and by chance some Riley Blake star fabric at another shop to use as well. It should turn out well.


I did a free workshop by Stick To Your Knitting which is a community group of Knitters who are local to the Castle Hill area. I actually read a knitting chart for the first time and it was easier than I realised. I had a play around with textured knitting which I have done before (excuse the bad photo) but I have never read it from a chart. Now my mind is ticking on how to create a pattern on my own from grid paper.

I had a nice morning at Stitch. I hope they hold it again next year.


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