Pink Peppermint

Corner to corner crochet (C2C) was a crochet stitch that always fascinated me but it looked some complicated when you read the instructions for it that I never gave it a try. I have mentioned before I am a visual leaner so I watched a couple of YouTube clips and found it much easier once I saw the stitch in action. Of all the clips I saw I found the Bella Coco C2C clip the most useful. She uses UK terms which is what I am most familiar with. She goes through in detail several times how to increase and decrease the stitches and also how to finish off the ends. Early Christmas morning I decided it was time to learn the stitch so I set myself up in front of YouTube with crochet hook and yarn in hand and began a simple dishcloth, within a few rows I already knew the perfect project for this new stitch.


I had 8 balls of pinks leftover from a project I started last year that is a WIP (work in progress) I knew I wouldn’t need these excess yarns so I decided to turn them into this blanket. I had no intended size for this blanket I just increased until I had used up half the balls (4 balls) than decreased it to use the remaining balls. I didn’t bother with a border as I want the stitches to be the focus. The yarn is an acrylic Stylecraft Aran. It is a little bit thicker than I normally work with but it is so soft and squishy. The finished sizes measures 40″ x 40″

I am loving C2C it works up so quickly and in these colours is so striking. Geometric designs appeal to me and I love the look of this.  Excluding weaving in the ends this took me about a month.

A big thank you to VP Quilter from Instagram who inspired me to name this blanket.

My nieces watched me work on this on Christmas day so this will go to them, they all love pink so this is perfect for their lounge room.



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