To Craft List – Feb 17

I’m hoping the weather will start to cool down soon so I can do more sewing and crafting. In the really hot weather we have been having I haven’t really been in the mood to craft (can you believe it) I have a few things I want to do in February so here are my plans


  • Make my March gift (a vest)
  • Make my April gift (dinosaur tail)
  • Finish off the hand sewing on another April gift
  • Weave the tail ends in on a blanket
  • Make a dishcloth to practice a new crochet stitch
  • Cut out and start a jacket for myself

The vest is going to be the most complicated piece of clothing I have done to date, so far I have read the instructions and traced out the pattern pieces but haven’t made a start on cutting it out yet. I think it is one of those things I need to stop over thinking it and give it a try. The dinosaur tail looks fairly easy to do and I’m hoping to make it this weekend. The hand sewing gift I only need to do a small section so should easily get that finished. In the coming months I’m planning on making a piece that has shell crochet as a border, I have never done this before so I thought I might try it out on a new dishcloth first. The jacket is something I would like to make myself, I have all the fabric (I’m doing it slightly different to the pattern) but so again so far have only traced out the pattern pieces.

I got everything done on my January list so hopefully I can carry on and achieve lots in February.



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