Giant Laundry Bag

Recently I’ve had to purchase new pillow and mattress protectors as my washing machine destroyed the linings of the old ones I had. Each time I washed them it would rip more of it off until finally it did it so much you couldn’t use them anymore. The new set of manchester I have brought have an even thinner lining to the previous lot which I know my machine will kill. The lining of them in paper like almost like trace and toile just a little thicker. It says to wash on a gentle cycle but I know my washing machine will still agitate them too much. My solution was to make a giant laundry bag like what you wash your bras in and wash the items in that.


Originally I was trying to find a mesh fabric but I couldn’t find anything suitable in the size that I needed. In the end of year Lincraft sale I stumbled across this polyknit fabric which is similar to a store brought lingerie bag that I have. The fabric was half price so I think cost maximum $5/m, I purchased 2m of it and the longest zipper I could find which was 55cm.  To make the bag I simply folded the fabric in half and cut it to have 2 pieces of 1m x width of fabric. I overlocked each of the cut ends which were the long ends. I installed the zipper along on the selvage ends which was the shorter ends and then stitched around the remaining 3 sides to form the bag.


I wanted the bag as large as possible so that the item/s in it could move around within the bag and wash as normal. I can easily fit 4 pillows protectors in this or 1 queen size mattress protector. It will also be useful for other things such as fabric which can shred in the machine. The knit fabric is lightweight so will easily dry fast hung over my clothes airer. I’m really glad I stumbled across this fabric it is perfect. Now I can get many years of use from my new manchester.



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