2016 Crafty Year In Review

Little Driving Wheel

2016 continued to be another crafty year for me. I have done so much this year and had a lot of fun in the process. I have learnt new skills, made new sewing friends and continued making all the gifts that I give so I would consider it to be a successful year.


Discovering liquid radiance and doing the workshop with Anne was a highlight of my year. The workshop was so much fun and it really allowed me to explore the possibilities that you can do with the fabric paint. Throughout the year I have used fabric that I have painted in gifts which is a special touch. I loved making the watermelon bags because you can start with a plain piece of fabric and through the process of your imagination you can paint it and manipulate it to make it anyway you want.

SS Together

I’ve continued making the gifts that I have given this year. I don’t pick favourites when it comes to the gifts that I make because each one is special. I try to make the gift to what the person likes. It can be a challenge at times but it is a lot of fun. Some toys are easy to make because you know what the child likes (I have one niece where everything is owls) others I quiz the parents for ideas on a theme and from there try to make a present up. Sometimes I consider the age group of the child and think of fun things that they may like. There are lots of toys and gifts you can buy in the shops and have the child’s name on it but I love it when I can make something you can’t buy in the shops like a toy dressed in a child’s favourite sports team or a pink reptile.

Yoda Coasters

I do make some gifts for adults. I like practical gifts for adults so I try to think of things that they can use. Making the Star Wars coasters were a lot of fun this year. They were practical items in a theme that my friend likes with our sense of humour added in. That is the best thing about home made gifts you can do things like that.

Navy Vest

This year I have done more garment sewing for myself. I have made skirts, hats, vests and pj’s. I like looking down and knowing that I’m wearing something “me made” I have tried new patterns this year and developed some skills. In the navy vest I altered a pattern for the first time. I worked with new fabrics such as rayon to make my beret. I’m getting out of my comfort zone of only making basic A line skirts. I have entered a few sewing competitions through Pattern Review and the Australian Sewing Guild this year. The competitions were fun. I love the challenge of trying to make something within set guidelines.

Colour Palate

I discovered a great bunch of local sewing enthusiasts this year called the Sydney Spoolettes. I have been to couple events with them and have developed new friends. I have also through them decluttered some of my sewing supplies… and also added to them. They hosted a few workshops this year with Anne Whalley. The workshops were great and have helped me to try to develop my own sewing style as far as clothing that I make for me. When you are starting from nothing trying to figure out your own style can be a little overwhelming but the workshops helped guide me and now I feel very confident to start making myself clothing more.

Pamuke Finished

It hasn’t just been sewing this year I have had a few yarn projects. I made good progress on the Sunny Log Cabin blanket then it halted. All the squares are complete I just need to block it all and join them. Lucy has a new blanket coming out at the start of 2017 which I may have purchased yarn for and I’m really torn as I want to start it but I still have the Sunny blanket to finish. Oh and I may of also started a new corner to corner blanket on Christmas day…. The C2C has no deadlines I’m just using leftovers from another project. The biggest item I made this year was the Pamuke blanket. I had a lot of fun doing it. The recipients weren’t expecting it and were surprised when I gave it to them. It gets mentioned a lot during my training sessions at they gym.


This year I was able to contribute to charity once again through craft. I have done scarves (which I still haven’t blogged about) face clothes, WIRES pouches, toys. I like contributing in a practical way with things people can use. Knowing out there somewhere someone using an item that you have made in their daily lives or hugging a toy to make them feel safe is an amazing feeling.


Completed items wise I think I would say I have completed less than in previous years but you can’t really compare as I don’t have a quota of things of I wish to make. The items that I have made this year I think are a little more complicated as my sewing and yarn skills have progressed. I do have a scarf that I started in January using the Knit One Below stitch which I never finished this year and with any luck might get it finished next year. The person doesn’t know they are getting it so I got away with not completing it.


I’m hoping 2017 continues to be just as crafty for me 🙂



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