Pillow Beds


This year I made 3 pillow beds as Christmas gifts. A pillow bed is basically a length of fabric to slot pillows in to make a mattress. You can either sew individual pillow cases together or use a length of fabric and stitch slots to place the pillows in which is how I have done it. They are great to use as a spare bed for kids or to use in the lounge room on the floor or even to place on the floor if your child rolls out of bed.


To stop the pillows from coming out I used 3 snaps per pillow space. These pillow beds were the reason why I invested in my snap press earlier this year. By the time you do both sides of the snap (you do one side of the snap closure on each side of the fabric) there are 24 snaps per pillow bed. The press made this very easy to do.


Originally I had grand plans of doing a row of cover stitching on the edges where I was placing the snaps but I can’t get my cover stitch to look right. The top looks fine and I did go and hand baste along the edges but the underside the tension is off. On my machine it is meant to auto set the tension but it doesn’t appear to be right. I’m going to have to investigate this more. To quickly overcome the problem I just did a straight stitch on the sewing machine along the edge.


I have made 3 pillow beds but I have only assembled one. The other two are in an owl fabric and butterflies. I’m going to be a mean Aunty and not wrap them. They are a very bulky item. I don’t drive so will be delivering them via a taxi. I can stuff the flamingo one in a rubbish bag to keep it clean. I will take the others flat, the pillows for the others are in the originally packaging in garbage bags in my garage. I will throw them all in a taxi. I managed to find a packs of 2 pillows for $5 so throughout the year I have been buying them in readiness for Christmas. I will set these up in the kids room and let them walk in for a surprise instead of wrapping them. I’m not totally mean each child is also getting a watermelon bag which I will wrap.



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