Black Butterfly

I made one last set of Butterfly Wings this year.


Once again the pattern I used was Butterfly Wings by Wife-Made. This time I kept it simple. For the applique shapes I worked with glitter wool felt for the first time. I had a piece in my stash so I thought I would try it. The sheet was 8″x12″ and I basically folded it in half, pinned it then free hand drew some shapes on the 6″x8″ rectangle and cut them out. It is amazing what you can draw in that little space. Admittedly I was expecting to be cover in glitter when I cut it and stitched it up but I wasn’t. I did get the odd speck on my fingers but I wasn’t showered in it and finding it on me for days. I get my wool felt from Rose Petal Collections as the quality is very good. The sheet of glitter felt is surprisingly thick but really easy to sew.


This was the first time I’ve made wings with one solid colour background. The stitching on the front doesn’t look too bad as eyes are more focused on the applique but on the back the stitching looks…. a little abstract. I used monopoly thread which is clear but on the black ground it really stood out. In hindsight I should have used black thread. Every wonky curve is visible. That’s ok lesson learnt.


One thing I do a little differently to the pattern is cut the batting layer in half so you have a piece behind each wing front. I tacked it into place with some left over bobbin threads to hold it. For me this is easier to work with when it comes to turning the wings out when fully constructed. This is another great way to use those near empty bobbins.

I have more wings planned for 2017 and after making these I now have a clear plan on how I will make them.


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