Are You Still Having Fun?


An innocent conversation I had with someone last week has kept repeating in my head and it has gotten me thinking. We were talking about the gifts I make and the comment was made “But are you still having fun?”


If you’re a crafter at this time of year it common to feel so much pressure to get gifts finished in time for Christmas. You want to put all your heart and soul into making the perfect item for each person to show them how special they are but where do your draw the limit? Just because you can make nice things doesn’t mean you have to make things for everyone.  Every crafter wants to make more items than they will realistically get time to finish and it is easy to get super stressed and anxious. We all know that when your stressed and anxious you tend to make more mistakes and your items to longer to finish adding to the stress to finish them by your deadline.


Sometimes we need to stop and think “Why do we craft?” For most people they craft because they find it enjoyable. It’s a hobby, it’s a relaxation. It keeps your hands and brain active. We craft because we love it and it is fun. If your stressed out than you’re not having fun are you? If you’re not enjoying what you are doing then why do it? If crafting isn’t your means of income then don’t put yourself under stress by it. If you do have a craft business and your super stressed think about is worth it? If you craft to relax but it stressing you out then maybe you should rethink things.


I’m lucky that I have finished all my birthday and Christmas gifts for 2016 as of yesterday (I still have a few to blog about) For about the last month or so I have been planning 2017 birthday and Christmas gifts. Towards the later half of 2017 my day job could get busy but I still want to continue my tradition of making gifts so that is why I have started planning. I want to keep having fun making my gifts and I don’t want to get stressed out by them. I can’t avoid stress in my day job but when I get home I want my time to be fun and relaxing as I go about my creative processes.

Gift making is meant to be fun and I think is all something we need to remember sometimes.



4 thoughts on “Are You Still Having Fun?

  1. It sure looks like fun! But I know the feeling. Sometimes the line between fun and obligation just becomes horribly blurred. good job on already starting the 2017 planning. You have the secret, there 😉

  2. There’s so much about the holidays that’s about obligation and not about fun! I try to reduce or eliminate the stuff that stresses me out, like decorating and shopping, and do more of the stuff I like. This year, I’m making a few gifts, but most of my gifts will be food, which people seem to like (and everybody I know has too much stuff, anyway).

    I saw a blog post once (don’t remember where, unfortunately) by a sewer who makes one present a month all year long, and then she’s set. Pretty smart, if you can manage it!

    • Food is a popular with everyone so great idea for gift giving. I agree that people tend to have to so much stuff and it is hard to make them something they don’t already have or that you haven’t made before.
      I like the idea of making one gift per month but sadly if I did that I would need a calendar year that is about 34 months long by the time I added up all the birthday and Christmas gifts I make 🙂

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