Ear Bud Pouch


I know I say a lot “This has been on my to sew list for a while” but these ear bud pouches really have. I kept seeing them on Pinterest but early last year I came across the actual pattern for them… and so did my friend who pointed out she could use those 🙂 This year I got in and made them for her as part of her Christmas gift. The pattern is by Dog Under My Desk. It is really quick pattern to make up when you follow the instructions. My only tip is that make sure your zipper pull is in the centre of the zipper before you cut off the ends to shorten it. I almost had a disaster where I shortened the zipper but had the zipper pull on the wrong side of my tacking stitches but luckily I hadn’t cut it so I was able to rip out the tacking stitches and move the zipper pull. Also if you are using directional fabric like this make sure both pieces are facing the same direction. Originally I had cut one half that was the wrong way around.


Once you have made the pattern it is easy to modify it around and change the shape, you can do squares, hearts, dog bones. These are a great gift to make up as they are very quick and you can do them in bulk. Don’t just think of using these to hold ear phone cords they also make great coin purses, card holders anything that you need a little pouch for.




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