Sew Box Nov 16

I have been meaning to share this for a few weeks now. The last Sew Box arrived and it was a sad occasion picking it up for one last time.


In the box we got

  • Michael Miller Christmas fabric panel
  • Co-coordinating red fabric
  • Golden Slumber kids pajamas by Shwin Designs
  • Christmas applique patterns by Angel Lea
  • Wooden Christmas tree buttons
  • Santa bells
  • Unpicker
  • HeatNBond fusible webbing
  • Red pom pom trim

As you have guessed it was a Christmas themed box. I love Michael Miller designs and this is a lovely piece. It has gnomes on it! I won’t so much use the applique patterns although there is one of an owl that doesn’t look Christmas which I can use. I like the kids PJ pattern. Maybe I might play around with some of the knit fabric in my stash and make one or two. All the notions will go in my stash to be used up.

This was another great box from Sew Boxes and as I’ve mentioned it is very sad to see they no longer exist. I have looked around and sadly there isn’t another type club / service around in Australia offering the same value and experience that you got with Sew Boxes. There is one international company I’ve found by but the time you take into exchange rate and postage it is unaffordable to get. In the 18 months or so that I was getting Sew Boxes I have collected a vast range of patterns, fabric and notions so I’m sure you will keep hearing me mention them for a long period to come.

Farewell Sew Boxes it was enjoyable getting you every month


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