Culling The Stash

With the Sydney Spoolette Swap Day coming up it has been a good chance go to go through my stash and cull a few things.


Before I started to actually make some clothing or maybe had made one item I started to collect fabric. At that stage I had no ideas of what I would make or any patterns or any clue really so I randomly picked up fabric. I got the fabrics because I liked the print and secondly because it was cheap on sale. Who doesn’t love cheap fabric (as in the price not the quality) My thoughts would’ve been I can make a skirt with it as whenever I see fabric I like that is my first response. Looking back on things now there are only a certain amount of skirts I’m going to ever need so it is best I part with some fabric that realistically I know I won’t ever turn in into that skirt.


The hardest fabric for me to let go of is this tulip fabric. I don’t particularly like tulips or even the colour red but for some reason this fabric is hard to part with. There is about 2-3m of it. I got it on sale at the start of either last year or this year. I can now see it as a dress but I know I won’t wear it as it has it has no stretch and I don’t like fitted garments without stretch in them. It needs to go to a good home and be used and not sit in my spare room under a pile of stuff.


I’ve gone through my patterns and found a few I know I won’t ever use, a few months back I gave away patterns to friends so I don’t have that many in my stash that are excess. These are either ones I got for free and don’t fit or I know I won’t use. Hopefully someone can use them, again better to be used than just sitting around my place. I really did the like New Look pattern but sadly my hips are about 5″ larger than the biggest size. I have heaps of other skirt patterns so life will go on.


I’ve also gone through my notions stash. Last year I accidently brought 2 rolls of the same colour trim so have over 20m of the stuff. I’ll give away one lot and keep one for myself as they only way I have used it so far was adding it to an Instagram swap. I’m hoping someone needs tassles for bags. I personally don’t use a lot of tassles so will pass these. The buttons were freebies from magazines. They are too pastel for me so can go.

Doing this cull has actually been a learning experience. I now I know what types of fabrics and items I will actually use in clothing and what ones will one day end up at another swap meet. Now I’m only going to get items if I can think of a clear pattern that I can use them in and not do the vague “it will be a skirt” As I was going through things and finding different fabrics I came up with actual projects that will use the fabrics I’ve kept. I matched odd pieces together to form a skirt and discovered ways I could use other fabric. I will look at fabric at the swap meet and when it is on sale because fabric is pretty but I will only pick up unknown fabric if I can I use it in gifts. If I ever get through my current stash (insert giggle here) I can then start adding unknown fabric back to it.





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