Shark Tail


So what happens when the girls are all mermaids and you have one boy in the group…. you make him a shark!


I again used the Anna Banana Mermaid Tail pattern as my base in size 7/8. For the tail I took the original tail pattern and placed it on new trace and toile to draft a new tail piece. I traced the curve where it attached to the blanket so it would still fit. I marked out where the edge of the tail pieces ended and the inside centre, from there I just took a ruler and joined the dots to get a sharp edge that shark tails have.


For the waistband I drafted my pattern in a similar way. I marked out the measurements of the original waistband piece and essentially drew a rectangle. I drew a line across the middle of the rectangle to see how deep to draw my teeth points. I then marked the centre point of that middle line and from that centre point I marked out even points, on the bottom of the rectangle I marked out even points between the points of the centre line (I hope this isn’t confusing) Basically I wanted to make a zig zag and I needed dots to draw so that I could make sharp points for the teeth.

I attached both the waistband and tail fin as per pattern instructions.


The fins I drew a shape free hand on some trace and toile. For each fin I stitched 2 pieces of fabric right sides together, clipped my curves and turned them right side out. I inserted the fins into the side seams of the blanket as I was stitching it together. Finally all those years where I would draw waves shapes at school when I was meant to be doing work came in to good use when drawing the fin (it is like a reverse wave)

I am so proud of this. This is what I had envisaged in my head at the start of this year when I had decided upon the gifts I would make. I had fun redrafting the tail and waistband and coming up with the fin design.


2 thoughts on “Shark Tail

    • Haha oh dear looks like you may be making one soon 🙂 It was really simple to transform into a shark, the pieces are all the same it is just the shape of them that is a little different.

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