A Pod Of Mermaids

Ok the debate is still out if a group of mermaids is known as a pod or a school or just simple mermaids. I think a pod sound better than a batch so let’s go with pod.


These tails are for 2 close friends whom I make Christmas gifts for their kids. We all exchange gifts at once. Last year I made them all hooded scarves this year it is mermaid tails. I have used the Anna Banana pattern again as I did earlier this year. Sadly I just googled and I don’t know if the pattern is still available as I couldn’t find it and the link from my previous post isn’t working anymore. The smaller ones are size 3/4, the larger are size 7/8. This is a super easy pattern to make up and a really easy pattern to make in batches. I had each tail cut out and bagged up ready to grab and sew. I have used polar fleece is various shades of pinks and purple. Polar fleece is great because it is warm and you don’t have to treat the fabric edges as it won’t fray. I could see these made in cottons as a summer version but you would need to overlock (serge) all the edges to stop it from fraying.

I love making gifts but I hate wrapping presents but I’m proud to say these are all wrapped up and waiting in a bag to give next month (yes Christmas is next month)


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