Simplicity 1071 – Lime Green Test Skirt

I have decided to enter a competition on Pattern Review where contestants take one pattern and make 2 or more versions of it by changing the fabric print or embellishing it with trims or changing hem lines. I have decided to enter it as a personal challenge to see if I can do one pattern many ways. In the past I have made the same Aline skirt pattern in multiple fabric prints but never changed anything on it.


The pattern I have chosen is Simplicity 1071. It is really basic pull on skirt pattern. When I took my measurements I discovered I was between sizes of L and XL I decided to do a test skirt first before cutting into my good fabrics to see if the XL would be too big.


The fabric I have used in this test skirt is a cotton knit. It similar to the fabric I’m using in my skirts. I purchased this fabric earlier this year as part of a bundle from Melly and Me. I hadn’t gotten around to using it yet. I had few pieces to choose from but holding up my pattern pieces that I had traced out discovered this green piece was just the amount of fabric I needed.


If you look up close it has tiny polka dots and little green petal things. The fabric is actually dark enough that you can’t see through it too much. In this photo it looks very crushed and that is because I have been wearing at home around the house a lot the last couple of weeks.


I still haven’t hemmed it and to be honest it may never get hemmed. Unhemmed it falls on my knee line. It is so soft and comfortable. I normally wear pj pants and shorts at home but this is nice to have on. As I mentioned it isn’t too transparent so I can wear it when I have delivery people over or if I go down into a communal area of my unit block. My neighbours have seen my in pj’s anyway but I never wear anything too revealing or inappropriate. This test skirt is the perfect house skirt. Using more of the knit fabric bundle I got I may make more house skirts. I am happy with this size and have cut my competition skirts out using this size.


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