Melba Skirt

I know cats are often associated with those who craft but I’m a bird person. I don’t have any birds of my own but I am fond of the local avian wildlife that come to visit me. When Emma Jensen designed her Melba fabric range last year for Ella Blue Fabrics  I instantly fell in love with it and this year I was lucky to get my hands on some.


This is another A+ Skirt by Make It Perfect. This is skirt number 5 that I have made using this pattern. Once again I stuck to the most basic version of the pattern. I really should get adventurous and try making one with the pocket option but I was so obsessed with this fabric I just wanted to get the skirt made so I can wear it.


This was the item I attempted a coverstitch hem on for the first time. To recap I missed sections of the hem line as with coverstitch you work with the garment right side up so you can’t see the fold line underneath. I have since learnt that when you’re doing a coverstitch hem a good tip is to first baste it all the way around and use that basting stitch as a guide between your needles so that you have to something to follow by eye. I haven’t tried this out yet but I will do that on my next hem I coverstitch.


To fix them hem I decided to fold it over again so effectively it is a double rolled hem like I have done on all the previous skirts. I used a monopoly clear thread to stitch it into place. I initially tried to do it by hand but the stitches weren’t even so I figured the sewing machine was quicker to get it done and by chance if you do look at the line of stitching (which isn’t noticeable from afar) the stitches would be even.

As you can imagine this is my favourite skirt at the moment.



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